Short Sales

The current economy has placed record numbers of homeowners in a very difficult situation. To many, it may seem hopeless. It was with this need in mind we formed our company Brighter Days, LLC. We have the ability to bring investors and homeowners together to create win-win solutions. Our resources, experience and passion for the real estate business makes us uniquely qualified to aid distressed homeowners by helping them avoid foreclosure.

Are you facing possible foreclosure?
Do you owe more than your home's market value?
Are you having a difficult time paying your mortgage?
Do you want the lenders to stop calling?
Do you want to sell your house but there is not enough equity?
Do you want to avoid foreclosure and get a fresh start?

What is a Short Sale?

A short sale is an approval process through which your mortgage company agrees to settle for less (short payoff of your mortgage) than what is owed to them on your mortgage when your home is sold.

The bank does not want to own your home! They approve a short sale as an alternative to the expensive and time consuming process of foreclosure.

We help your lender evaluate why it is not in their best interest to take your home in foreclosure. Each lender has their own set of parameters through which they decide whether or not to accept a particular short sale. All short sales do have many similarities, but each has its own unique characteristics and requirements for approval.

With new government legislation, lenders are encouraged to favor a short sale rather than pursue foreclosure. It is often more advantageous and cost effective for the lender to approve a short sale.

What are the benefits of a Short Sale?

If you complete a Short Sale, you will escape foreclosure and its extremely negative effects.

In the case of a principle residence, a Short Sale will likely result in the mortgage debt being forgiven, and you will not be taxed on it as a gain by the IRS with just a few caveats. The Mortgage Debt Forgiveness act of 2007 gave homeowners that very gift. What would normally be counted as income on a 1099 due to a Short Sale on a principle residence can be forgiven under certain circumstances. This is all the more reason a Short Sale should be given serious consideration.

After a Short Sale, in just a few short years you may be eligible to borrow and again own a home. With a foreclosure this is not so.


"It is our goal to save every customer from financial ruin through the successful and expedient short sale of their property without a deficiency judgment or further obligation to their lending institution."

Brighter Days, LLC is the short sale specialists you can count on. The staff at Better Days, LLC has negotiated over $30 million in short sale deals on behalf of our realtors and their clients, and has an extremely high rate of success.

Brighter Days, LLC utilizes state of the art CRM software, allowing us to communicate with you throughout the process. We are dedicated to meeting the highest professional and ethical standards, treating our clients with honestly, integrity and professionalism at all times.


We Offer A Realtor Referral Program

Are you having difficulty managing your short sale listings?
Are you avoiding short sale listings because of all the work and uncertainty associated with them? Most realtors are doing just that!
Do you want to radically ignite your Real Estate business and welcome as many short sale listings as possible?
Brighter Days, LLC can help you make more money, work less and you won't have to deal with the bank.


1. Refer your short sale listings to us.
2. Brighter Days, LLC consults with homeowners and initiates short sale negotiations while referral agents market properties on the MLS.
3. Upon successful closing of the short sale, the referral realtor receives guaranteed commission plus a generous referral fee.*
4. Refer other agents to Brighter Days, LLC and receive additional referral income.
*Realtor referral program varies depending upon broker cooperation.